Chef Tim's Venison marinated in Chef Tim's Sweet Balsamic Vinaigrette

For my Customers who love to hunt:  My Sweet Balsamic Vinaigrette is a delicious marinade for Venison, Pheasant, Bear, Boar, etc.  It helps take the "gaminess" flavor away because of the intensity of the Balsamic Vinegar, the sweetness of the sugar, and the complements of black pepper & garlic



Simply put Venison and Vinaigrette into a Large Freezer Baggie sealed with all the air squeezed out; or Vacuum Packed bag.

Length of Marinade:

  • If you use a Vacuum sealed bag, marinade a minimum of 2 hours in refrigerator then prepare; or
  • If you use Freezer bags, marinade at lease 6 hours or preferably overnight in refrigerator then prepare; or
  • Put bag into Fridge for prerequisite time then cook or freeze until you are ready to use.  When ready, thaw.

Pour contents of bag into Pan and sprinkle with Kosher Salt.

Pan fry until Medium Rare, occasionally brushing with Vinaigrette.  (Can also be grilled to Medium Rare.)

Let rest on Cutting Board for a minimum of 10 minutes before slicing.  Slice 1/2 in thick.