Combo - Large Vinaigrette & Savory All-Purpose Seasoning

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Combo - Large Vinaigrette & Savory All-Purpose Seasoning

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  • Save $1 when you purchase both a Vinaigrette & a Seasoning together. Get 1 Large (32oz Sweet Balsamic Vinaigrette and 1 Savory All-Purpose Seasoning) for $1 off.

    1 Large (32 oz) Chef Tim's Sweet Balsamic Vinaigrette - A deliciously sweet balsamic vinaigrette made with aged balsamic vinegar or Modena and olive oil with accents of garlic and black pepper. "Shake, Shake, Shake. Don't Refrigerate"©


    Chef Tim's Savory All Purpose Seasoning - A delightful blend of spices for beef, pork, veal & lamb, including roasts, steaks, chops, loins, fillets, and burgers. Also great on roasted potatoes, fries, pizza, vegetables and soups.

    "Anything that walked, swam flew or grew."