Customer Recipe:  Slow Cooked Smoked Barbeque

Submitted by: Craig Wright

Recipe Name: Slow Cooked Smoked BBQ



Dry off the pork with a paper towel.  Apply a light coat of extra virgin olive oi. Liberally coat with Chef Tim's Savory All Purpose Seasoning

I smoke the meat in a ceramic outdoor oven, and use real lump wood charcoal. While I'm preparing the smoker and the meat, I soak lumps of hickory wood in filtered water. (I never use water straight from the tap unless it's well water) After the smoker reaches 200 degrees, I add the hickory wood close the lid, and cook for the next twenty four hours.

After about 4 hours I'm going to begin basting the pork using Chef Tim's Sweet Balsamic Vinaigrette; and repeat that 3-5 times as needed to prevent the meat from drying.

My wife will prepare two types of homemade sauces for the pork; sadly I cannot tell you how she does it, family secret. Suffice to say this time of year we are using fresh herbs from our garden, and the end result: Well let's just say you would arm wrestle your own mother for the last bite.

Chef Tim dressing and rub; get some today, and enjoy your food more.